Agrìd Welcome is a visitor management application designed to check guests in and out in respect of the company policies.

The application enables to:

  • Import employees’ data to facilitate contacts, phone and mobile phone data retrieval
  • Register guests’ data and policy documents in digital format for the full lenght of the visit.
  • Notify the internal referent of guest arrival via phone call, sms or email.
  • Handling of visitor’s kit in the form of a plastic badge (rigid or sticker)
  • Distribution of company benefits like WIFI passwords to guests for the whole length of their stay.
  • Real Time Monitoring of the list of guests that are in the premises, their company referent and the number of meeting room allocated in case of emergency.

Personalisation of the evacuation plans with allocation of muster points, personalised notification systems to which integrate any existent access control procedure.

Guest registration

Agrìd Welcome enables guests registration at reception. You can collect visitor data, find and inform internal referent and provide to end user badge or any other equipments needed. Every customers information in maintained on the application based on your internal policy.
Reception process supported: receptionist, self service.
Guest arrival alerts supported: phone number on screen, mail or sms (with SMS gateway)

Interactive kiosk

Agrìd Welcome can be applied also in self service mode with an interactive kiosk including all equipments needed for visitors registration. The Kiosk comes with customizable colors and logo display and will be a very easy touch point for any user.

Branding available: RAL, logo.

GDPR Compliant

Your company can managed customers data compliant to GDPR rules. Easy Visit is an application developed based on privacy by design model and all information are stored based on your own configuration.

Fast check-in

Stop queues at reception! You can speed up the process thanks to the pre registration feature available on board. You can create and import guests data via an excel file or automatically record attended guests based on meeting information collected via Space Booking. Your guests could receive a welcome mail with all information about your site, including google maps indication, and QR code for fast recognition.

Access Control

Agrìd Welcome is coming with a complete offer of solutions for the Access Control and it is also integrable with any already existing platform.

Emergency list

Don’t you know how many guests are in the building? Don’t worry ! Agrìd Welcome help you with a realtime dashboard with all guests in the building and internal reference. In case of emergency you can have this list available in a digital mode or automatically print a copy in well defined printer.

WI-FI Integration

You can improve your IT security and provides a new feature to your guests with WIFI integration. The user experience and management is very easy. Just make a new guest check-in and he will receive automatically a new passcode valid for your wifi guests.
Delivery available: mail, SMS (with SMS gateway)

Digital signature

You can collect signature of your customers on your special documents like emergency rules or privacy acceptance. Every document closed by your guest is automatically stored and kept valid for the period you setup. So you can require signature on some document only the first guest is registered.


You can provide to your guests a sticker as temporary badge valid for the visit.
This badge would include useful informations such as the guest, the host and the meeting names and could be also associated with a unique recognition number