• How to deal with the new normal in the company?
  • What will be the challenges of HR and Facility in the three-year period 2021 – 2023?
  • How to choose the most effective path for the company’s digital transformation and how to plan investments over time?
  • Hybrid Workplace: what is it and how do you deal with it?
  • How to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of collaboration in the company and remotely?
  • How to renew room technologies without having to make huge investments?
  • How to make the rooms always efficient and easily usable by anyone?

These are the questions that all companies are asking themselves in this period.

Digiroom is the first formula on the market of RaaS Rooms as a Service

  • Zero initial investment
  • Immediate technological renewal
  • Proactive cloud assistance and real time concierge
Room ad a service
Carattteristiche Digiroom

DigiRoom è un game changer

  • 100% cloud nel setup e nell’assistenza live
  • Sale compatibili con sistemi di videoconferenza e le principali piattaforme cloud (Teams, Webex, Zooom, Google Meet)
  • User experience uniforme, semplice e BYOD
  • Compatibilità garantita nel tempo
  • 100% As A Service

Digiroom philosophy

  • Uniform user experience in all rooms
  • Compatibility with all major collaboration software (Zoom, Webex, Go to Meeting, Microsoft Teams ..)
  • Always on firmware updating program to always guarantee perfect compatibility of the room with all technologies and platforms installed
  • Certified devices for cloud management
  • VNOC: Video Network Operation Center, guarantees proactive maintenance and a setup and configuration service in concierge mode
filosofia progetto Digiroom

The Digiroom Rooms

  • Huddle Room: 1-3 seats
  • Staff Room: 4-6 seats
  • Executive Room: 8-12 seats
  • Custom Room: your custom room As A Service
  • Your Room: digitize existing rooms
  • Personal: digitize and manage personal devices

The advantages

  • Very high continuity of service in the room thanks to the proactive assistance system based on cloud technologies
  • Live intervention service in case of need with the possibility to configure devices and restart them if necessary
  • Advanced concierge service for VIP users
  • Compatibility with the latest audio, video and videoconferencing technologies is guaranteed over time
  • No investment and the fee includes technological set-up, assistance and proactive maintenance

At the end of the first cycle of RaaS you can choose whether to continue with the same fee by renewing the technology or to pay only the standard service and management fee