Codiv19 ready solution:

SecureFace is a device for instantaneous reading, without contact, of body temperature and other control on any person wearing a protective mask.

Tax credit:

Sanitation and dpi tax credit, circular No. 9 of 13 April 2020 from the Revenue Agency clarifies the extension of the Liquidity decree to the facilitation for the sanitation of the workplace. A 50% tax credit up to 20,000 euros for 2020 also applies to purchases of other devices to limit contagions from coronavirus.


SecureFace is a device for instantaneous, non-contact reading of body temperature. The device does not require the presence of an operator and can be integrated with the access gates to automatically allow or inhibit the passage of personnel or users. SecureFace is the ideal solution for companies, retail outlets and public spaces subject to high numbers of people.

Instant temperature control

Secure Face uses infrared digital thermography to instantly detect body temperature. To activate the scan, you do not need to press any button, the user simply has to move closer to the device by framing their face on the display.

Inhibition of access

In case of excessive temperature, the system signals the user and the control personnel to detect an anomalous value.

Mask Function

The system is able to recognize whether the user is wearing the protective mask or not. If there is an obligation, the subject is invited to wear it before proceeding