Social Distance Desk from Quik Book, book your Desk and keep the distance from people in the offices.

What the Italian law requires

Social distancing is a necessary measure to be able to live with the virus while reducing the risks of further infections. The DCPM requires distancing to take place according to the methods described above all in the workplace and especially in offices with a higher number of employees. This number must necessarily be reduced, by re-modulating working hours and methods through tools that allow the booking of individual desks and the tracking of employees in the company in the event of any subsequent contagion resulting in containment and sanitization methods.

Social Distance Desk (SDD)

The Social Distance Desk function from Quik Book has been specifically developed to help companies comply with the provisions relating to social distancing as per DCPM of 20/03/20, allowing them to get back to business. Offices often have a higher number of employees and therefore companies may be unsuitable because the company must prevent contagion risks and ensure the tracking of the employee's position for any subsequent sanitization. Quik Book Social Distance Desk is a valuable ally for all entrepreneurs and managers with safety and health responsibilities, providing precise, timely and guaranteed data on the location and presence of employees and guests in the company.

Inhibition of access

Desk reservation

With Quik Book SDD it is possible to book a desk with the guarantee that the number of people present in the same office never exceeds the threshold established by law. The employee can check from home the availability of the desk on the day he will be present in the company by booking it from the App.

Entry tracking and control

Each employee will be able to show the desk reservation at the reception desk to access the offices, thus ensuring the company's tracking and control.

Reconstruction of the facts

In the event of any suspected illness, the reconstruction of the contacts in the office with the positive person will be immediately available and it will be possible to easily isolate and sanitize the specific area without closing the entire company.