The simplest way to book your meeting rooms. Quik Book is a cloud Software As A Service that comes with a touch-panel for each one of your working spaces.

Book from:

  • Touch panel
  • APP iOS / Android
  • Web Portal
  • E-mail integration


  • Office 365 / G-suite ready
  • Plug & Play
  • Software As A Service

Touch panel

Any Quik Book subscription comes with one touch panel per room. On request we can also provide just the software licenses in case the client prefer to buy the hardware by himself.

• Room agenda
• Availability led bar
• Check-in / Check-out
• Extend booking

Tech spec:
• 10 inches
• Power Over Ethernet
• Wi-Fi

Web portal

Resource reservation can be easily done via web browser. Find and book the right resource you need thanks to assistant feature embedded.

Microsoft Exchange integration

Bookings can be made with a few simple steps through Microsoft Outlook thanks to the dedicated Exchange connector. Synchronization is bidirectional in order to let you manage bookings from Quik Book web portal and outlook at the same time. You can also use our Quik Book Plugin for Outlook to improve your booking experience.

Google suite integration

Bookings can be made directly via Google Suite Calendar with our Quik Book Google connector. Dual mode synchronization available.

App for smartphone

Access to your reservation or find and book a new space directly from your smartphone, iOS or Android. Take room control and video conference room startup are features available that you can introduce in your company to improve end user experience.