Space Booking is an integrated work space management solution that fulfills the needs of booking, monitoring and management of collaborative spaces. Setup your spaces based on capacity, technology and services and book the most correct resource based on your needs. Control the real usage and optimize spaces with policy models available on the system like self-service, check-in required (PIN code or badge NFC) or approver.

Space Booking Suite includes:

  • Web Portal
  • Microsoft Exchange Integration
  • Google Suite Integration
  • APP for smartphone

Web portal

Resource reservation can be easily done via web browser. Find and book the right resource you need thanks to assistant feature embeedded.

Authentication supported: Microsoft Active Directory, SSO ADFS.

Microsoft exchange integration

Bookings can be made with a few simple steps through Microsoft Outlook thanks to the dedicated Exchange connector. Synchronization is bidirectional in order to let you manage bookings from space booking web portal and outlook at the same time. You can also use our Space Booking Plugin for Outlook to improve your booking experience.

Microsoft Exchange supported: 2010, 2013, 2016 and O365.

Google suite integration

Bookings can be made directly via Google Suite Calendar with our Space Booking Google connector. Dual mode synchronization available.

Google supported: Google Suite Business.

App for smartphone

Access to your reservation or find and book a new space directly from your smartphone. Take room control and video conference room startup are features available that you can introduce in your company to improve end user experience.

Device supported: iOS and Android.

Room booking

Space Booking enables users to book a space suitable for meetings with absolute simplicity, invite participants, engage video conference room, request devices, accessories or advanced services such as a translator, a secretary or catering. You can apply several policy setup on your meeting like apply check-in action required via PIN code or badge or use approval process. Extend your room booking experience with Space Touch devices

Desk booking

Desk management never been easy like now. Find and book a desk from any tools available on Space Booking. You can manage shared desk area for your business consultants or support your smart working projects thanks to this feature. Improve your company workplace with

Video booking

Space Booking unifies booking of physical spaces and virtual rooms. This is possible thanks to MCU connector that automatically engages a video conference room on your existing video platform. All partecipants will be notified about how access to the video meeting and internal attendees could use click to call button available on Space Touch devices
Brands supported: Cisco, Pexip.

Other booking

Space Booking is the most flexible platform of shared resource bookings. You can extend your booking experience in car, parking or other devices. Just setup resources on the application and you could share them among the employees.

Touch panels

10’’ out of door touch displays shows status of meeting rooms and enables end users interaction.
Features available:
- Instant booking
- Extend booking
- Break off
- Check-in (via PIN code or badge NFC)
- Conference (click to call video conference)

Device available: Lumen, Philips, SMARTag.
Optional: wall and glass mount kit, NFC reader.


The 10.1" Panel PC is designed for all round purpose.

It has the badge recognition embedded.

Supports RFID at 125Khz and 13.56Ghz.

Triple Led, two on the sides and on the front. The front Led might be yellow while waiting for the check-in.

Room automation

You can extend easily your room automation touch controls with new room booking features thanks to Space Booking API available for developers.

Automation supported: Crestron, AMX

Desk labels

Electronic labels 4.2’’ positioned on desks enable showing of current and future booking status. Easy to install because they don’t require any cables thanks to internal battery power (duration 3-4 years). They are connected with ZigBee technology to proprietary distribuited gateways.
Optional: stand and wall mount kit

Desk label touch

It extends capabilities and features available on the desk. It requires power connection (via micro USB) and wireless connectivity (WLAN 802.11 b/g/n).
Features available:
- Screen size: 3.5’’
- Desk Name
- Desk Status
- Current Reservation
- Next Reservation
- Instant Booking
- Extend Booking
- Check-in via badge

Way finder

Perfect for break areas, reception and elevator lobbies, they allow the instant visualization of meeting room usage and locating the nearest available one.
Device available: Samsung SSSP display (any size)


Interactive kiosk is a device to find and book meeting rooms and desks in a shared area. It includes map & photo to guide users in choosing the right resource needed.
Size available: 15’


Application includes a set of available reports that provide all information about booking and real usage of all spaces. This is usefull tool for facility managers who adopt continuous improvement process.

Customer satisfaction

This module enables a customer satisfaction survey focused on collecting employees feedback and suggestions.


Module of billing management enable cost management based on number of partecipants, rooms and services. Usefull features in case of rental or internal costs control.